If you benchmark one or more properties in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, you’ll likely see a change in your buildings’ 1–100 ENERGY STAR scores and other source energy metrics after August 26, 2018. That’s because EPA is updating performance metrics in Portfolio Manager based on the most recent market data available. This update is part of EPA’s standard process to keep ENERGY STAR metrics as current as possible, and reflective of current market performance.

Final reminder: Document current scores and data are due before 8/26/18

These new metrics will be applied across all time periods, which means your scores and metrics for all historical benchmarking data will change. Once this happens, EPA will not be able to provide “before and after” score changes for individual buildings or portfolios.

If you anticipate needing to document changes, it is strongly recommended that you document your pre-update scores and download your data no later than this Thursday August 23, 2018.  Third -party certifications, local mandates, or other incentive programs are a few examples of why you may need to update your data.

Recommended reports

At a minimum, Energy Star suggests downloading the following reports:

“Performance Highlight” Report (for a portfolio-level, multi-year summary)

This report saves a copy of your scores and other metrics for your portfolio for historical purposes. On the Reporting tab, run the “Performance Highlights” report for your portfolio.

 Statement of Energy Performance (for a building-level, 12-month performance period)

Useful if you are applying for LEED certification or any other certification or program that requires an ENERGY STAR score. Accessible on the Reporting tab (top right). These must be downloaded individually for each property. 

Don’t delay

Portfolio Manager will be temporarily unavailable beginning the afternoon of Sunday, August 26, and return online (with new metrics) by the morning of Monday, August 27.

Learn more

Join a webinar where Energy Star will provide an overview of the changes in Portfolio Manager after the metric updates, and an introduction to tools and resources to help you improve the energy efficiency of your building.